This it the personal website of Justin Hughes, plainly I am British, and come from South West England.2619518

Over the last few years the Lord God has changed everything.  We have seen the collapse of the church system, and the falling away of 2.Thes.2.  I expect we are going to see Satan soon too, him of that same chapter.

What I do is for those who cannot stand the church system, and I hope you have left it all behind too.  I am a disciple and I am pleased to hear from other disciples across the world therefore.

I make videos which you can see on my YouTube channel, link in the small menu on the right.  I also do other things………


Videos are OK to a point, but  sometimes podcasts suit the purpose better.

Radio Labrador is the podcasting section of my site here.  It displays the latest podcasts. Click the ‘Radio Labrador‘ tab above.  There is also a link to an archive page of all my podcasts to the right,  where they are listed by type.  You can download or stream them as you wish.  They are in MP3 format for that purpose, and you can play them on  iPods etc..

LABRADOR LIVE!  Every Sunday evening, 8.00pm UK time, God willing, I do a sort of interactive live ‘show’, jokingly called ‘The Dog Show’.  Everyone can watch, and, if they wish, log in and post comments/questions in the dialogue box.

Shows are recorded and are available to watch at another time too. Click tab above.


The site is called Lucas Labrador because the owner could not think of a more appropriate name, and it needed to be one that everyone would remember.  You are reading this, aren’t you…..?

I love my Lord God of Israel and all His things, but we all see horrors being conducted in the name of Jesus Christ these days.  Many people whom the Lord God has done a work in are leaving establishment churches, of all sorts of flavours, to re-find that wonderful living experience of God they once had before the system messed it up.  The Lord God of Israel calls that system ‘Babylon’ in Scripture.  There are very few of the Lord’s loyal people today, and I hope to help link up, and edify the few that there are.

Most who come here will know me from YouTube where my videos are hosted.  If you wish to use  my podcasts to play in meetings of God’s people for discussion or teaching then feel free. You understand that I would not want them edited to make it appear I said something that I did not say.

My heart in  this is simple; I am sick of the wicked church nonsense and false vine system religion that is everywhere, and I simply want the truth to be told. As the Lord God of Israel is pleased to give I will do.

If you wish to comment  please  use the CONTACT FORM, link above, which, after a glitch, is now working again.

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